About Me

Kim Tiziana Rottmüller has been working on her own line since 2017 while she was still studying and has showcased since then internationally. She graduated after a 4-year B.A. program from Polimoda, Florence/ Italy, in Fashion Design. Kim is developing her designs into a business of surrealistic and conceptual high-end womenswear. Since 2019 she is an official member of the German Fashion Council.

Her design signature lies in provocation through a feminine but also playful way. It stresses and completes the main idea of the concept that also provocation is beautiful, too, as well as the discovery of oneself through her design. She pays a lot of attention that everything is connected coherently, artistic and always supported with a surrealistic impact, including voluminous hand-knitted dresses as well as artistic headpieces.

She received the A Design Award and IDA Design Award in the years 2017-2019 in the main category Fashion Design (Italy and Los Angeles ); subcategory included garment concept, haute couture, runway. The collection Bittersweet and Oblivion were exhibited in the Mood Museum in Italy, as well as in China and India.

With her designs, she gained international recognition and received press publications ( printed issues, online and T.V.). Including a summer campaign with Vogue and Vanity Fair U.K., Vogue Korea, twice in Forbes, Forbes China, The Ellen Show, Fashion Cross Over, Essence, Insider, Fashion Focus, E-online just to name a few and got featured in articles being one of the most creative fashion designers worldwide. Besides, Kim Tiziana Rottmüller has had the possibility to showcase in Italy, London, Vancouver, and twice at New York Fashion Week.

"Fashion for me is art. Art means eternity, boundless possibilities." - K