The collection Oblivion is complex and controversial. It takes its inspiration from a seductive, witchy diva and is dealing a lot with symbolism and spirituality. The part of the labyrinth which can be seen in every outfit through the massive strips, embroidery and selfdesigned print is metaphoric to our personal thoughts and feelings, in which we can get lost. On the other hand is the witch a symbolism for our transcendental self and inner magical power . Supported with tarot cards included within the clothes. All different aspects are elaborated enchanted and bewildered, equally through the massive volume but also provocative suspender pieces, knitwear, the mirror headpiece and delicate fabrics such as velvet, silk and pure cashmere. Lila, the colour for spirituality brings light in the collection whereas black is used to submit the unknown, mysterious darkness.

Are you on the way to yourself or on the way to get lost?

Location: Pier 59 Studios, NYFW / photos by Getty images